Kim Davis

Help Elect David Ermold


Your DGB for today is to help serve up a big ole’ helping of sweet Kentucky karma.

Remember those innocent, bygone days of 2015 when the worst the Right wing could throw at us was Kim Davis denying same sex couples their marriage license? Let us all relish a long nostalgic sigh as we remember the details of her multiple, overlapping marriages and insistence that she was acting on the authority of God, himself. Well it turns out that the illustrious County Clerk is going to be up for reelection in 2018 and we couldn’t be more pleased to introduce the person that has thrown his hat into the ring! David Ermold is a gay man that was turned down by Kim Davis when he applied for his marriage license and now he has decided to run against her.

Let’s all help Ms. Davis find her true calling in the unemployment line by supporting his campaign in any way we can.

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Follow him on Twitter: @DErmold

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Grab back a give a bigot the pink slip!