Las Vegas

Just the Facts


Your DGB for today is to load up on some information so you’re ready for a gun debate.

In the wake of the weekend shooting in Las Vegas or as we in the United States have begun calling it, Groundhog Day, opportunities to discuss gun control will be all around you. We want you to be ready to join this exchange in a meaningful way. And before you say “But DGB, no one ever changes their mind in an Internet debate!” let us warn you that the staff at DGB actually met on a debate forum and during our various tenures participating have seen and experienced many opinions shift and evolve. But you need to bring the facts and the sources if you want to defeat the lies that circulate rampantly about gun regulation.

So today we would like you to check out Armed With Reason here: because they have pulled together some powerful arguments and information to help you win your next gun debate. They have assembled a source list that will have even the most articulate ammosexual begging for mercy:

Grab back and arm yourself with the facts.


Donate Blood


Your DGB for today is to donate blood or, if you’re unable, help someone else do the same.

On Monday, Americans woke up to the horrible news that the worst mass shooting in US history had occurred overnight in Las Vegas, NV. The death toll of that shooting now stands at 58, and the injured at 527. As early as two am, folks started lining up at blood donation centers in LV to do their part for the injured at overwhelmed area hospitals.

If you live in Las Vegas, the need is obvious and immediate. But tragedy, whether it be a senseless act of violence or a natural disaster, can strike any community at any time, and blood is always a precious commodity. To find out where to donate in your area, go here and enter your city and state. If you can’t donate for some reason, consider giving someone who can a ride or making a monetary donation to your local blood bank.

When things like this happen, it is easy to feel like there’s nothing we can do. But there ARE ways we can help. A donation today might save a life tomorrow.


Michael Bennett


Your DGB for today is to publicly shame the Las Vegas Police Department for their treatment of Michael Bennett.

In an August 26th incident at a Las Vegas nightclub, the Seahawks Defensive End was handcuffed, threatened, and assaulted by Las Vegas Metro PD officers. After hearing what most assumed were gunshots, Bennett and others ran for safety, which officers apparently decided was some sort of admission of guilt. There wasn’t actually a shooting that day, just your usual law enforcement profiling and excessive force. Bennett has stated that an officer held a gun to his head and said he would “blow my fucking head off.” Read his statement here:

Not only does the department stand by the actions of their officers, they actually had the nerve to ask the NFL to investigate Bennett for false allegations in a letter which included the following:


"While the NFL may condone Bennett's disrespect for our American Flag, and everything it symbolizes, we hope the League will not ignore Bennett's false accusations against our police officers."


(Bennett, among other NFL players, has declined to stand during the national anthem.) But sure… it’s not about race. Commissioner Roger Goodell refused the request and instead released a statement standing by his players.

Today, you’ll tweet the Las Vegas Metro PD @LVMPD to let them know we see their racism and overreach. Here’s a DGB sample tweet:


.@LVMPD Your treatment of @mosesbread72 during and after the 8/26 incident is disgusting, racist, and unacceptable. Apologize now.