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Your DGB for today is to support progressive programming from major tv networks.

You may have heard that ABC understandably cancelled Roseanne a few hours after she called a Black woman an ape. Roseanne Barr was problematic way before her racist Ambien tweet got her show pulled, but at least the right thing was eventually done. What can you do now? Support major network tv that is inclusive, diverse, and representative in cast, crew, and storylines. DGB has compiled some of our favorites below.

From ABC:

Blackish is a show we cannot say enough good things about. Even though Kenya Barris’ creation often sucker-punches us directly in the feels, we still adore the portrayal of intersectionality and response to current events.

From FOX:

Bob’s Burgers does not have many cartoon characters of color, but the show does check several feminist boxes for us. It doesn’t apologize for or fetishize female sexuality, the family structure is one of complete acceptance and equality, and femininity is represented in many forms.

From NBC:

Brooklyn 99 (previously on FOX) has become known for its normalization of LGBTQ+ characters and even won a GLAAD Media Award this year for Outstanding Comedy Series. The show also features several well-developed non-white main characters refreshingly free of typecasting.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit of course stars our favorite feminist superhero, Olivia Benson, in addition to the inimitable Ice T. The series is also heavily written and produced by women such as Executive Producer Julie Martin.

Saturday Night Live has been savagely taking down Trump and Co.’s every awful move with a star-studded guest cast added to the already talented team. Five year veteran Michael Che recently became one of the head writers for today’s SNL in addition to making history in 2014 as the first Black co-anchor of Weekend Update.


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