Little Free Pantry

Feed Your Community


Your DGB is to find, support, make, donate to or all of the above a micro-food pantry.

There’s a phenomenon catching on across the country that manages to connect neighbors, help the needy, and be generally adorable all at the same time. Known by a few different names, the Micro Food Pantry, the Little Free Pantry, or the Blessing Box have a very similar mission to our own here at DGB: small actions make a real difference.

Read more about the initiative here:

Finding one to support may take some investigation. For example, doing a Facebook search on the term “Blessing Box” will bring up those that have formal Facebook locations and tags located near you.

If you are feeling more inspired by the concept please check out where you can find a ton of resources about starting one up, yourself or getting your church, school or charitable organization to do one. Everything from building plans to legal advice is right there.

Grab back and box up a blessing!