Local Resources

Arm Yourself with Resources

Your DGB for today is to compile a list of relevant resources in your community, state, and beyond.

Have you ever been confronted with a situation where you or a loved one needed help, but you did not know where to turn for local resources? Well, we want to ensure that next time you aren’t as useless as a white crayon.

Today, we would like you to pull together a list of local resources that you can be ready to share or contact, should the need arise. This list could include: women and/or homeless shelters, food banks, support for crime victims or those accused of crimes, affordable legal representation, affordable healthcare - any organization that you would be likely to support or share with someone in need.  Post it on your fridge, keep a copy in your car, save it in your phone, your planner, or put it in your wallet. Be sure to include contact information.


Browse our DGB resource lists for inspiration:


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Women and Family