MIke Pence

Space Force


Your DGB for today is to let Mike Pence (*sigh*) know that we would very much like for children to be returned to their asylum-seeking parents and maybe health care thank you, before we’d like a “Space Force.”

Today our science-denyin’ VP gave one of his patented disappointed-dad speeches about Trump’s proposed Space Force, which, as Dan Rather pointed out, sounds like “boys playing in a sandbox with their G.I. Joe's and model rocket ships, not a sober or coherent evaluation of the risks of military escalation in or on the final frontier.” If the Trump administration were serious about the mission (instead of just using as an excuse to test out “cool” new logos), it would have proposed increasing funding to the “space force” we already have

This brand new endeavor comes with an initial price tag of $8B. Yep, that’s “billion” with a “b.” While this administration can’t be bothered to turn the lights on in Puerto Rico, clean up the water in Flint, return scared little kids to their parents, or pay for life-saving GRS in the military, it can apparently ask for money to fulfil one rich asshole’s low-rent Buck Rogers fantasy. These priorities are all out of whack, so we’re asking you to let Pence and Trump and your own members of congress know what we’d prefer to see done with eight billion dollars.


Who is Mike Pence?


Your DGB for today is read up on the current Veep, Mike Pence. It’s possible that because of the incandescent dumpster fire that is POTUS, you might not have given Pence a long, hard look. But you should. For one thing, he *could* be Vice President for six more years. For another, he could become President in a hurry if Trump is successfully impeached.

There is no easy way to say this, but Pence is a disaster waiting to happen. He’s a deeply backward-thinking religious zealot who yearns to put to death women who have abortions, and thinks science - not just climate science, but ALL SCIENCE - is a bunch of secular hooey. A Pence Vice Presidency is bad enough, especially if he’s pulling strings behind the scenes. A Pence presidency? Whoa, mama - that could be bad.

So, stuck between a rock and a hard place, the first thing we should do is arm ourselves with knowledge. Start with this not-at-all-terrifying opinion piece that came out this weekend. Then read this cheery report on Pence and LGBTQ+ rights by Human Rights Watch and round out your fun-filled adventure with this short item on Pence’s views on science.

Whether Pence gains the Oval Office or not, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on this guy. Some say he looks adoringly at Trump; we say he looks more like a predator eyeballing his next meal.


Marlon Bundo 2020

Your DGB for today is troll Mike Pence and support the LGBTQ+ community at the same time.

Our veep is no friend of LGBTQ+ folk, so when he came out with a cute kid’s book about his family’s bunny, some people saw a perfect opportunity. The team over at John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight created an alternative version. Their delightful picture book, A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo, shows Marlon falling in love with another boy bunny and the two of them hopping off into the sunset together. Not only is the message lovely and inclusive, but 100% of the proceeds of this book will be donated to two terrific causes, The Trevor Project and AIDS United. Even Mike Pence’s daughter has bought a copy of this version of Marlon’s story and as of this morning, this Marlon Bundo book is #3 on the Amazon charts, which we hope is giving *someone* in Washington a bit of indigestion.

Today we’re asking you to order a copy for yourself, your kids’, or your grandkids’ Easter baskets, or your school library. Alternatively, you could donate directly to the great organizations this book’s sales go to support. Add the cherry on the top of this Resistance sundae and tweet, instagram, or facebook your action and be sure to tag @VP when you do.


Pence the Putz


Your DGB for today is to help draw attention to the scam that Mike Pence is trying to run on the American people.

Lately, despite numerous and sundry devastation of our country by fire, water, and wind, our President and his administration have decided to tackle an issue that only the most deplorable cares anything about: the positioning of NFL players’ bodies during the playing of the National Anthem. Because literally nothing is worse than a rich black person forgetting their place in Trump’s America, Trump and crew decided to kick things up a notch and stage a publicity stunt worthy of the WWE.

Last Sunday the Vice President, Mike Pence, showed up in Indiana to watch a Colts game only to be so shocked by the so-called lack of respect from kneeling players that he left early. It is also noteworthy that Trump himself has been banned from the NFL for life so he had no way to Tweet directly about the game himself. A few things to note about this incident:

Pence shared a three-year old picture of a game, too busy (or not bothering…) to snap a new photo. Security was alerted before Pence even arrived that he would likely leave early. This whole debacle cost the American taxpayer over $200,000.

Folks, let’s demand our money back. If Trump wants to send his minions on errands he can do it on his own dime. Color of Change (check them out here: https://www.colorofchange.org) has started a Twitter campaign to get Pence to pay back the money used for this shameful waste of taxpayer money not to mention a high-level public official’s time. Join in on #PencePayItBack on Twitter and Color of Change here: https://campaigns.organizefor.org/petitions/mike-pence-pay-the-money-you-wasted-targeting-black-athletes-back.

Grab back some stolen tax dollars!


Help Mike Pence Remember the Importance of Public Media

Your DGB for today is to remind Mike Pence that he’s a big fan of public television/radio and that we look forward to him continuing to support the budget for it in his shiny new job.

Betcha you didn’t know that, as Governor of Indiana, our new Vice President won the 2014 Champion of Public Broadcasting Award from the Association of Public Television Stations, did you? Well, he did. This is great, don’t get us wrong - but we don’t want Pence to forget this unforseen position, and we want to make sure the public holds him accountable when it comes time for his Congress to appropriate funds for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting budget. Today you will be tweeting Pence @mike_pence and @VP for everyone to see using the hashtag #PenceLovesPBS. If you don’t have a Twitter account, now is a great time to start one.


Here is a DGB example tweet:


.@mike_pence @VP I saw you won a public broadcasting award in 2014! Glad to have a VP invested in public media! #PenceLovesPBS


You may be wondering: Are we asking you to troll the Vice President? A little, but it’s for a good cause.