Flip the House: Michigan


Your DGB for this weekend is to elect Michigan democrats to the House of Representatives.

Out of the five seats up for election in Michigan this November, three are throwaway red seats, but two are all ours if we play our cards right.

In Michigan 8, Mike Bishop will likely face AFL-CIO and Joe Biden-endorsed Democrat Elissa Slotkin. Donate or volunteer here:


Dave Trott of Michigan 11 is retiring, setting up an open field of competition. Party primaries take place August 7, and you can find the democratic candidates here:




Rashida Tlaib for Congress


Your DGB for today is to help elect the first Muslim woman to Congress.


The pool of democrats running for Congress in Michigan’s 13th district is large, but one stands out. Attorney Rashida Tliab gives zero shits about contrived civility. Two years ago, she was arrested at a Trump rally in Detroit. She was dragged out while screaming at him to read the Constitution, like a freaking heroine. You can watch the video at the above link.

Republicans haven’t put up a candidate for John Conyers Jr.’s seat in this very blue district, so if Tliab wins the August 7th primary, she wins the race. Donate or volunteer below.




Internet Access for All


Your DGB for today is to learn about the digital gap and support an organization that is trying to close it.

Imagine for a moment what your life here in late 2017 would look like right now if you had no Internet access. How would it change? The Internet provides entertainment, news, information, communication, and of course... DGB. But Internet connections are still relatively expensive and in some places not even available. It might surprise you to know that in some particularly impoverished areas of Detroit there is no Internet infrastructure. Lack of Internet access has powerful and negative implications that keep people poor. You can read more about the issue here: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/kz3xyz/detroit-mesh-network?utm_source=mbtwitter and here: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/23/technology/unemployed-detroit-residents-are-trapped-by-a-digital-divide.html?_r=2.

One organization is attempting to remove this massive obstacle. They set up free wireless hotspots in Detroit communities with this problem. Please check out their important work here: http://detroitcommunitytech.org/eii. Can you help them by kicking over a few dollars? Then go here: https://www.alliedmedia.org/dctp/donate

Grab back and get people some Internet!