Mike Espy


Midterm elections still aren’t over. Mississippi’s Cindy Hyde-Smith heads to a runoff with challenger Mike Espy tomorrow, after no single candidate received 50% of the votes on November 6th.

Hyde-Smith somehow still leads in every poll despite her comments about “public hangings”, endorsement of voter suppression, and photo shoot with confederate paraphernalia. Your DGB for today is to help elect Mississippi’s first black democratic senator by getting the vote out tomorrow.



Thad Cochran’s Senate Seat

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Your DGB for this weekend is to help elect a democrat in Mississippi.

Turns out, Roger Wicker’s isn’t the only Mississippi Senate seat up for grabs this year. Thad Cochran is retiring April 1st after approximately 200 years as Senator, triggering a special election for his seat. FiveThirtyEight points out the benefits for Democrats of Mississippi’s nonpartisan special election format here: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/how-things-could-go-wrong-for-republicans-in-mississippis-new-senate-race/

One of the things that needs to happen is for the Republicans to put up a really bad candidate. “But, DGB,” you say, “however will they find one of those??” Enter Chris McDaniel, a crazy person, who could split the GOP vote enough to sow plenty of chaos.

Because this special election is a fairly new story, we don’t yet know the candidates who will appear on the ballot. But, you can donate to the Mississippi Democratic Party here: http://www.mississippidemocrats.org/, where you can also keep abreast of this evolving senate race.


Roger Wicker’s Senate Seat

Your DGB for this weekend is to help elect a Democratic senator in Mississippi.

Yes, we said Mississippi. Yes, it’s the reddest of the red. Does that mean we shouldn’t try? An emphatic DGB “NO.” Trump won PA-18 by 20 points in the 2016 election and Conor Lamb just flipped the district blue. Alabama hadn’t elected a Democratic senator since 1986 before Doug Jones won the special election back in December. Trump carried the state in 2016 with 73.4% of the vote. Something is happening in this country and no Republican seat is safe.

David Baria looks like a promising candidate.




You never know, after this victory, maybe we can start thinking about how to wipe that idiotic confederate section off the Mississippi state flag.