Mother’s Day


Your DGB for today is to make the world better on behalf of and for moms everywhere, in the process of celebrating Mother’s Day this coming weekend. Donate in Mom’s name to one of the following charities, related to or founded by moms:

A coalition of organizations - under the umbrella of National Bail Out - work to end money bail, which disproportionately affects Black and brown people. In the lead-up to Mother’s Day, there is an effort to bail out as many Black moms as possible, so they can spend the holiday with their families:


Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America was started by a mom in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting and now has chapters in all 50 states. It has active campaigns to promote and establish common-sense gun laws in the USA.


The International Rescue Committee has several ways to help moms and their families in peril around the world. They are very active in the Syrian refugee crisis and the famine in Yemen.


Black Lives Matter is an organization and movement deeply rooted in the experience of Black mothers losing their children to racist violence by law enforcement. No mother should fear sending their kids out into the world the way Black women do. Please donate here:


Your local domestic abuse shelter helps hundreds of mothers and children flee from domestic violence and get back on their feet in the aftermath. If you don’t know who does this work in your community, search here: and donate in your own city or state.


One last thought: This month can be hard on lots of people - women struggling with infertility, folks who have lost their moms, moms who have lost their children, people who have complicated and painful relationships with their moms, kids with two dads, kids whose moms are enlisted overseas or in prison at this time. Spare a thought and a kind word for these folks around this holiday. And if this is you, we at DGB send you our best wishes and a big hug.


Stand With Senator Duckworth

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Your DGB for today is to help out a sister in the senate.

Brace yourself for a shock, but the U.S. Senate, an institution crammed full of geriatric white men, is not exactly a workplace friendly to young mothers. One specific example of this nonsense has come to light because one of our favorite Senators/women/humans, Tammy Duckworth, is pregnant and about to give birth. According to Senate rules, if she takes maternity leave she will be barred from voting on or sponsoring legislation. Breastfeeding will also be quite difficult as babies are barred from the Senate floor. Keep in mind that being out on medical leave is something that affects men too and in this age of technology it seems fairly strange that a physical presence on the Senate floor is required for a vote.

Please help bring the Senate out of the 19th century and support Senator Duckworth as she attempts to juggle her duties in Congress and family. Here is a petition from Ultraviolet you can sign:

And while you’re at it, contact your Senator and tell them it’s time for a change.