We See You, Whitaker


Amid a looming government shutdown, stock markets plunging, and Mattis-resignation-induced global chaos, Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker made his move.

At first, Whitaker tried to plant the story that ethics officials told him he did not need to recuse himself from overseeing the Mueller’s investigation. After some leaks from inside the government, the actual picture emerged. This article explains it well. Basically, Whitaker has cleared himself. Cool. Cool, cool, cool, cool.

Lawmakers are heading home for the holidays, so your DGB for this weekend is to contact the Justice Department directly with your concerns.

William Barr


After firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions and ignoring the chain of command by installing Matthew Whitaker, Trump finally came up with a new nominee for the position.

William Barr is quite a guy. Here’s some further reading on that:

Your DGB for today is to contact your senators and let them know that you oppose Barr for AG using Resistbot.

Whitaker Should Recuse


Your DGB for today is to call for Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker’s immediate recusal from the Mueller investigation.

Trump, in a particularly Trumpian move, fired racist Keebler elf Jeff Sessions before the ink had even dried on our ballot bubbles. He’s been frothing at the mouth to fire Sessions ever since Sessions recused himself from overseeing an investigation into the very campaign he was a part of. It was actually the right and ethical move, but Trump doesn’t care about that. After he canned Sessions, Trump made yet another problematic appointment - Matthew Whitaker to Acting AG. Whitaker ALSO has ethical issues that prevent him from being the right person to oversee the Mueller investigation. In this case, his conflicts of interest include his close ties to Sam Clovis (a key witness) and his previous statements about how to starve the special counsel of funds.

Clearly, he must also recuse himself. Let’s flood the Dept. of Justice with Americans calling for him to do just that. Call the DoJ at (401) 709-5000 and register your concerns.

Protect Mueller


Stick a pin in this Kavanaugh business for a second. Your DGB for today is to protect the Special Counsel investigation.

This morning’s news saw confusion in the Justice Department as rumors flew that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had resigned. After Friday’s report that Rosenstein had considered trying to oust Trump, we knew shit was gonna go down this week and everyone was on edge. Come to find out we won’t know the DAG’s fate until Thursday, which gives us time to prepare our umbrellas for the shitstorm.

Today, you’ll echo Kamala Harris and use Resistbot to tell your senators to pass S.2644, the Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act, as soon as possible.

You know that old saying, “why wait for a looming Constitutional crisis when you can pass legislation preventing one today, you imbeciles?” Oh, that’s not a saying? Well, it should be.

Protect Rosenstein

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Your DGB for today is to contact your Representative and demand they protect Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.


In the latest episode of Fuck Tha Police starring “The Party of Law and Order”, House Freedom Caucus Members have introduced a resolution to impeach DAG Rosenstein, intending to pave the way for firing Mueller and thereby halting the Trump/Russia investigation.


It’s imperative that we protect the Mueller investigation to its conclusion, and that requires protecting Rosenstein. Use Resistbot or find your Reps’ contact info here:


And because this could just be an elaborate bit of political posturing, it is both appropriate and encouraged to publicly shame the authors of this bill, Reps. Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan.






Protect Special Counsel Investigations


Your DGB for today is to pressure Mitch McConnell to allow a vote on the Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act.

Versions of this bill have been floating around since last summer, when the country was afflicted with a particularly bad bout of Trump Cray, but they never got off the ground. This month, the bipartisan team of Senators Graham, Tills, Coons, and Booker introduced the legislation’s current form., which advanced out of the Senate Judiciary Comittee this morning by a 14-7 vote that crossed party lines. Normally, this would be the time when a bill is put to a floor vote by the full Senate. Unfortunately, Mitch McConnell’s version of that Schoolhouse Rock song ends before you can even sing along, because he’s refusing to hold a vote at all. Always the petulant child, he had this to say:

"I'm the one who decides what we take to the floor, that's my responsibility as the majority leader, we will not be having this on the floor of the Senate.”

Mitch is apparently unconcerned with a looming constitutional crisis and uninterested in protecting current and future Special Counsel investigations. Let him know how that makes you feel. It makes DGB staff feel unsafe.



Making Moves for the Massacre


Your DGB for today is to make your plans for the impending firing of Robert Mueller.

Yesterday, the FBI raided Michael Cohen’s office, and hoo boy is Trump big mad about. You can watch the press conference where he rants about it here:  Some of the highlights include him forgetting how long he has been president and referring to it as “what feels like a very long time.” He calls the the entire investigation a witch hunt multiple times, and even quotes a made up reporter saying the the reporter said “this is ridiculous.” He EVEN rants about Hillary Clinton and how no one is looking at her crimes (psssttt… they already did and didn’t find anything, little buddy.)

Today we want you to sign up for the rapid response team with the March for Truth to be prepared to mobilize immediately if and when Trump fires Mueller. You can also sign up to receive a text from them when the inevitable happens. Sign up now, get your signs ready, and be prepared to take to the streets.

Now, more than ever, we need to rally around Mueller.


Articles About Articles of Impeachment

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Your DGB for this weekend is to share an impeachment piece with your circle.

We aren’t even getting into the original crimes Trump is trying to sweep under a very expensive rug. We’ll leave that to Mueller. There’s plenty of evidence publicly available to impeach on Obstruction of Justice alone.  Is talk of impeachment preliminary? Maybe. We’ve been daydreaming about it since the beginning of The Dark Time, but DGB staff consumes a lot of political media. Not everyone in your circle of family and friends has the time or the disregard for their own sanity necessary to keep up to date on political news. Some aren’t even exposed to any narratives beyond whatever Hillary probably just did. We need to plant the seed of removal from office because we will get there eventually and no one should be surprised when it happens. Depending upon your audience, they may be more receptive to either this New York Times piece or this Daily Caller article.