Must Read

Strange Fruit

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Your DGB for this weekend is to check out the Strange Fruit series by Joel Christian Gill.

For adults and children alike, these graphic novels (Volume 2 was just released) are a compilation of Black History stories you’ve probably never heard, delivered in a very cool, genre-defying format.

Volume 1 can be purchased here:

Volume 2 here:

Please also consider donating a copy or two to your local school or library as an alternative to the white-narrated American History commonly accessible.



Life In North Korea


Your DGB for today is to grab some knowledge about life in North Korea.

How much do you know about The Hermit Kingdom AKA North Korea? Probably not as much as you think. Recently, The Ezra Klein Show podcast sat down with American journalist, Barbara Demick, to get some real facts about North Korea’s government, people and history. Demick is a journalist for the L.A. Times and author of Nothing to Envy: The Ordinary Lives of North Koreans, which is based on information she gathered while living in South Korea and extensively interviewing North Korean defectors.

As tensions mount between our countries it is vital that we have context. War with North Korea would be devastating to millions of its citizens and absolutely pointless. Listen to this podcast, available here:

Demick’s book is also available on Amazon if you want to get even more in depth.

Grab back and don’t be a dotard!