NFL Policies


Your DGB for today is to contact the NFL about their upcoming league meetings.

This week in How Black People Are Allowed To Move Their Bodies, Commissioner Roger Goodell sent a memo to his teams, stating that “everyone should stand” during the national anthem and that the NFL will soon present a plan to “move past this controversy” after leaders meet in New York next week.

Unless Roger has a magic racial injustice undoer wand, this sounds like a bunch of privileged nonsense to us.

The following day, the league walked back this memo after an unhinged tweet from you-know-who, stating that no policy change is yet in place. For people in the business of strategy, the NFL is pretty crappy at presenting a clear game plan.

You can let the league know that protests will stop right around the time equality dawns and to quit trying to play both sides of this issue by tweeting the Commissioner @nflcommish or calling the NFL at (212) 450 2000.


Pence the Putz


Your DGB for today is to help draw attention to the scam that Mike Pence is trying to run on the American people.

Lately, despite numerous and sundry devastation of our country by fire, water, and wind, our President and his administration have decided to tackle an issue that only the most deplorable cares anything about: the positioning of NFL players’ bodies during the playing of the National Anthem. Because literally nothing is worse than a rich black person forgetting their place in Trump’s America, Trump and crew decided to kick things up a notch and stage a publicity stunt worthy of the WWE.

Last Sunday the Vice President, Mike Pence, showed up in Indiana to watch a Colts game only to be so shocked by the so-called lack of respect from kneeling players that he left early. It is also noteworthy that Trump himself has been banned from the NFL for life so he had no way to Tweet directly about the game himself. A few things to note about this incident:

Pence shared a three-year old picture of a game, too busy (or not bothering…) to snap a new photo. Security was alerted before Pence even arrived that he would likely leave early. This whole debacle cost the American taxpayer over $200,000.

Folks, let’s demand our money back. If Trump wants to send his minions on errands he can do it on his own dime. Color of Change (check them out here: has started a Twitter campaign to get Pence to pay back the money used for this shameful waste of taxpayer money not to mention a high-level public official’s time. Join in on #PencePayItBack on Twitter and Color of Change here:

Grab back some stolen tax dollars!


Take a Knee


Your DGB for today is to tweet your support for Colin Kaepernick and members of the NFL who have refused to stand for the national anthem in order to bring attention to social justice and civil rights issues.  

Read this powerful piece by Kaepernick’s teammate Eric Reid. Peaceful protest is both an important component of social change and protected by our Constitution. In addition, there is no better cause than the fight against the systemic oppression of People of Color. It is national tragedy that the current occupant of the Oval Office respects neither the cause nor the right to protest. But we can do something.

On social media, use the hashtags #TakeAKnee, #BLM, and #BlackLivesMatter. Signal boost and center the voices of the marginalized, of those protesting, of those under the thumb of oppression. We are better than our so-called leader - let’s show it.


Michael Bennett


Your DGB for today is to publicly shame the Las Vegas Police Department for their treatment of Michael Bennett.

In an August 26th incident at a Las Vegas nightclub, the Seahawks Defensive End was handcuffed, threatened, and assaulted by Las Vegas Metro PD officers. After hearing what most assumed were gunshots, Bennett and others ran for safety, which officers apparently decided was some sort of admission of guilt. There wasn’t actually a shooting that day, just your usual law enforcement profiling and excessive force. Bennett has stated that an officer held a gun to his head and said he would “blow my fucking head off.” Read his statement here:

Not only does the department stand by the actions of their officers, they actually had the nerve to ask the NFL to investigate Bennett for false allegations in a letter which included the following:


"While the NFL may condone Bennett's disrespect for our American Flag, and everything it symbolizes, we hope the League will not ignore Bennett's false accusations against our police officers."


(Bennett, among other NFL players, has declined to stand during the national anthem.) But sure… it’s not about race. Commissioner Roger Goodell refused the request and instead released a statement standing by his players.

Today, you’ll tweet the Las Vegas Metro PD @LVMPD to let them know we see their racism and overreach. Here’s a DGB sample tweet:


.@LVMPD Your treatment of @mosesbread72 during and after the 8/26 incident is disgusting, racist, and unacceptable. Apologize now.


Stand (or Kneel) with Colin Kaepernick


Your DGB for today is to consider boycotting the NFL.

Last year, San Francisco 49’ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, drew attention for choosing to kneel during the National Anthem. His reason was a protest of police brutality in addition to the song being a racist holdover from slavery days. (He’s correct; check out the cringeworthy backstory here.) Kaepernick became a free agent in the spring of 2017 and as of today has still not been signed onto an NFL team. According to FiveThirtyEight, that is the longest time that a player of his abilities has been unemployed, ever. Contrast that with the long and befuddling list of rapists, domestic abusers, animal torturers, and terrible players that DO have NFL jobs. Excuses for his lack of contract are no less confusing and include his vegan diet and his haircut.

This comes with the recent findings regarding brain damage suffered from years of professional football play and facts that point to Black players being particularly at risk.

Folks, it’s time that we demand better treatment of those working so hard to entertain us. The camel’s back is as broken as it needs to be - it’s time to take a stand. Use your valuable viewing eyes to catch up on some Netflix, and use your fan dollars to support Colin Kaepernick (merchandise available here) and other players joining him in protest.

Grab back and demand better for our teams.