Blood Money Talks


Your DGB for today is to support companies who have changed aspects of their business in the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting.


Companies that have removed discounts/deals for NRA members:


United Airlines

Delta Airlines








Allied Van Lines

Paramount Rx

Best Western

Wyndham Hotel Group

Starkey Hearing Technologies


Stores that have changed their gun sale policies:



Dick’s Sporting Goods


LL Bean


Other Companies that have ended NRA-related affiliations:


First National Bank of Omaha

Republic Bank


Please tweet us with any additions to this list and we’ll update!



Resistbot to the Rescue

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Your DGB for today is to fire up Resistbot and get some information about your local reps.

Resistbot is here once again to help us grab back. If you text NRA to 50409 (Resistbot) it will return a message telling you how much blood money the NRA paid to support your local representatives. If they received gun funds, it will help you generate a Tweet asking them to donate the money. If you are a luddite like some of us here at DGB and still can’t handle the Twitter, just copy and paste the message into an email, a Facebook post, a Word document or copy it down in longhand using your quill pen.

Fair warning: the results may surprise you! Remember that Shame Bell we had you ring last week? Democrats are guilty of this too.

Let’s get murder money out of our democracy!


Contributing our Thoughts and Prayers



Your DGB for today is to send campaign contributions to the politicians that  have received money from the NRA, in the amount of thoughts and prayers.




We clearly can’t compete with the NRA’s contributions, but surely politicians like Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz must be running low on thoughts and prayers, so why not just send them some. You can follow our above sample letter, or make up your own. Be sure to add in the amount of donations they have received from the NRA which you can find here:

We are tired of being held hostage by the NRA and our inept government. Hopefully these thoughts and prayers will give politicians the moral support they need to finally do the right thing, enact smart gun regulations and start protecting the children of this country. And if they don’t, we will be donating actual dollars to the people running against them in the coming elections.



Disarm Your Mutual Funds


Your DGB for today is to check your mutual funds (should you own any) for their investment in gun manufacturing. 

Simply enter the name of the fund or its ticker symbol, and the site will tell you how many stocks in that fund are gun-related, and what percentage of the fund they comprise. A link to the fund’s SEC filings will tell you even more. Go a step further and enter the amount of money you have invested in the fund, and the site will calculate how much of your money is invested in gun or ammo manufacturing. Armed with this data, you can make an informed decision about how and where to invest your family’s dough.

This country’s sick obsession with guns has got to stop, and we must address it from every angle. Those of us in a position to do so need to invest wisely and ethically.


NRA Donation Recipients


Your DGB for today is to find out if your representatives are in the pocket of the NRA.


Who’s pulling the finance strings of your elected officials? MoveOn now maintains a state-by-state list of NRA campaign donations here:

Once you’ve identified the sellouts, feel free to shame them by phone, email, carrier pigeon, in-person visit, or tweet, for bowing to money over ethics. DGB staff enjoy the irony of telling them to “choose life,” which we will spend our weekend doing.


Politicize My Death


Your DGB for today is to visit, read what it has to say, and sign the pledge asking your loved ones to - in the event of your death by gun violence - “politicize” the hell out of it.

Okay, Grabbers, we know this one is kinda dark. Over here at DGB, we are feeling *pretty* dark. On Sunday, a white man with a grudge and an assault rifle opened fire on churchgoers in Sutherland Springs, Texas, killing 26 people, including 14 children, and wounding 20 more. It was the deadliest church shooting in US history, the deadliest mass shooting in Texas history, the fifth deadliest mass shooting in US history over all, and it occurred just a month after the massacre in Las Vegas, in which 58 people were killed. There’s an appalling sameness to the way the responses go down in these now-commonplace events: first, there are “thoughts and prayers” for the victims and the victims’ families. Then the vast majority of Americans renew their pleas to our leaders to do something to stem the tide of gun violence. Those policy-makers who are in the pocket of the NRA hold up their hands and say, “now is not the time to talk about legislation” and “it’s too soon!” and “let’s not politicize the victims’ deaths.”

The folks behind this website want to make it easy for you to make a statement: “Pretty please, if I ever die in a hail of bullets while waiting in line for my caramel macchiato, feel free to use my death to start talking about common-sense gun laws. I DON’T MIND. Really.” Sign the pledge, share it on social media using the hashtag #politicizemydeath, and learn other ways to help stop gun violence from taking over our country.

Also, if you are in one of the 33 states that is having elections today, VOTE! Check out the records and platforms of the candidates on your ballot and vote for the ones who support gun control measures.


Postcards for Gun Safety


Your DGB for today is to join Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America in sending or personally delivering a postcard to your Congress Member telling them you oppose the NRA’s “Concealed Carry Reciprocity” Legislation.

The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act is being pushed by the NRA and forces states to recognize other states’ concealed carry permits. This will put more firearms into cities and states that have strict gun laws and “remove local governments’ ability to maintain sensible gun standards and keep a proper vetting process in place.”

Today we want you to send a postcard or hand deliver one to your Congress Member and let them know you will not support this bill and you don’t want the NRA influencing our nation’s laws and policies. You can search for a local event here: and you can even use DGB’s official post card.


Women’s March From NRA to DOJ

Your DGB for today is to participate in or support the Women’s March action on July 14th and 15th, protesting the National Rifle Association and their recent video.

In late June the National Rifle Association aired a chilling video which appears to slyly encourage its membership to take up arms against protesters and the left. On its own, the video is inflammatory - but against the backdrop of a culture of violence embraced by our own president and perpetrated disproportionately against women and People of Color, it is downright terrifying. The Women’s March decries this video and the racist double standard represented by the NRA’s silence in the face of Philando Castile’s death. Therefore it is organizing a march on Friday starting on the steps the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, VA and ending 17 miles later at the US Department of Justice in Washington, DC. It also plans an event at the DOJ on Saturday. We encourage you to participate if you can, donate a few bucks, or at least signal boost the march on social media.

If you do attend, please be safe. We don’t want to be alarmist, but gun-related protests may bring out gun-carrying counter-protesters. Keep your wits about you.

By the way, if you are starting to feel worn out from all this political action, we get it. We REALLY do. Check out our blog on how to combat protest fatigue.  Finally, if you are short on sign ideas, we humbly submit DGB’s very own all-purpose protest poster, here.

Fight the power, Grabbers. We’re standing right with you.


Promote Gun Control Sanity

Your DGB for today is to start changing minds on guns - yes, it CAN be done. First, go to the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence website and sign up to receive updates on current gun control campaigns, and check out some of the current campaigns while you’re there. Second, start contacting your local, state, and federal representatives and telling them that Americans across the political spectrum actually agree on sensible gun control measures. Don’t let the NRA govern our gun control policies.

Think America is divided on the issue of gun control? Think we lack enough supporters to even enact a few sensible measures? Not true! A recent New York Times article showed that academics, experts, and citizens are in broad agreement on sensible measures to decrease gun violence. More than 80% of Americans support universal background checks for gun buyers and mandatory reporting of lost or stolen guns, which experts agree would be effective in decreasing gun deaths.

Want more “ammo”? Check out this article on how “stand-your-ground” laws actually lead to more gun violence and death.

If you want to arm yourself with even more information and additional campaigns to follow, go to Moms Demand Action on Gun Sense. You can donate to their cause, join it, and read stories written by those affected by gun violence, or submit your own.