School Shootings Are Real

Your DGB for today is to tell Trump to denounce the Sandy Hook conspiracy hoax.

Alex Jones, friend of Trump and all-around lunatic, has promoted the insane claim that the Newtown, CT school massacre was staged by the government. As a result, the families of the twenty children and six adults who died that day have been harassed and tormented by his followers. Seven weeks ago, the Newtown School Board wrote to Trump begging him to intervene. He has yet to respond.

Today, you’ll contact Trump by tweeting him @WhiteHouse, @POTUS, and @realDonaldTrump.


Sample tweet: .@POTUS Unlike the Bowling Green massacre, Sandy Hook was real. At least respond to the Newtown School Board’s letter sent 7 weeks ago.


In light of yet another tragic school shooting yesterday, it’s more important than ever that this idiocy comes to an end. Thoughts and prayers will never be enough. Trump needs to publicly disavow Jones and his dangerous brand of bullshit.