North Carolina

North Carolina 9 Update


Chaos still reigns in North Carolina since the state election board refused to certify Mark Harris’ self-declared and possibly stolen victory. It is now clear that no congressperson will be seated in the House of Representatives from North Carolina’s 9th district when the first session of the year begins tomorrow.

If you live in this district, your local office will open tomorrow to assist with constituent issues, managed by The Clerk of the US House of Representatives. It remains to be seen how this will affect the functionality of government there, or who will eventually fill the empty seat and how that will be determined. Less than 1,000 votes separate Republican Mark Harris and Democrat Dan McCready.

Your DGB for today is to continue to support McCready using our original Grabs on NC 9 below.

Dan McCready


It’s safe to say the election on November 7th didn’t go well in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District. There’s still no winner, Democrat Dan McCready had to unconcede, and there have been widespread allegations of fraud - a story that has mostly slipped through the cracks with all the Cohen/Manafort/Flynn business.

Your DGB for today is to help McCready gear up for what is likely to be a long fight and possibly another election. You can still donate and volunteer through his campaign site here:

Flip the House: North Carolina


Your DGB for this weekend is to elect a North Carolina democrat to the House of Representatives.

May saw big drama in North Carolina’s 9th District with Incumbent Republican Robert Pittenger having the undesirable distinction of being the only such candidate to lose his party’s primary. GOP candidate Mark Harris will instead face Democrat Dan McCready in November.

Support his campaign below