Your DGB for today is to sign up for alerts from OhmConnect.

One downside of being eco-conscious is that it doesn’t involve much instant gratification. Sure, you may be rescuing your great-great grandchildren from a post-apocalyptic future of riding around the desert, fighting over gas and battling out their differences in the Thunderdome but chances are you will be dead and gone long before then. OhmConnect seeks to change that a bit but also make saving energy a lot more fun.

From its website, OhmConnect is a free “service designed to offset the effects of dirty power plants by alerting you when you should save energy.”

Certain users in California, Texas, and Toronto not only get real-time notifications about their electric meter’s energy reading, but some participants will even be eligible to earn cash! All users can participate in events and earn prizes and rewards.

Find out more here: https://www.ohmconnect.com/wiki/getting-started