On One

Time to Get On One

Your DGB for today is to check out this awesome new podcast, “On One with Angela Rye.”

If you’re like us, you’ve been celebrating the voices and faces that give us life during these dark and deeply weird days. Angela Rye, a frequent guest on CNN, NPR, and elsewhere, has been providing some of the very best commentary, analysis, and epic side-eyes this year. No one has been better at shooting down spin and the “alternative facts” coming out of Trumpworld than Rye. Want proof? Check out this clip of her showing the door to Trump apologist, Joe Walsh, saying that she doesn’t “talk to bigots.” Now Rye, whose impressive resume can be seen here, has her very own platform, where she says she’s going to discuss politics, race, and pop culture. On One’s first interview was with the inimitable Maxine Waters, which we think says a lot about the level of awesomeness this podcast will aspire to.

So tune in and #ResistYall. We will be.