Opioid Emergency Response Act

Opioid Emergency Response Act

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Your DGB for today is to help drum up congressional support for the Opioid Emergency Response Act.

Over 20,000 Americans overdosed on synthetic opioids in 2016, which is 5,000 more than heroin. Prescription drug addiction is ravaging people, their families, and their communities at critical rates. Congress has finally decided to get off its collective duff and introduce bipartisan legislation addressing the issue. While far from perfect, it is a decent start to fighting the stranglehold that opioids currently have on our country. The bill (titled H.R. 5531) lists seven specific priorities which include increased funding for prevention, education, collaboration, and research. Read more about it here.

Phone calls typically work best, so here is a short script to follow if you need it:


I am a constituent of Representative ____ and I’m calling to ask them to vote for H.R. 5531 the Opioid Emergency Response Act. I will be following up to see how he/she votes on this issue. Thank you.


Emailing and Resistbot is good too, of course. Just please find a way to voice your support for this legislation!

Find your Representative here: https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative

Grab back and address the Opioid Crisis!