PInk Tax

Cards Against Humanity For Her

Your DGB for today is to purchase a special version of Cards Against Humanity.

As with many products marketed towards women, you will pay the “pink tax.” This means you’ll purchase the same game in a hot pink box for an extra five bucks. (There’s even a period pack if you’re interested). But this time, the extra money is for a good cause - the profits will be donated to Emily’s List, an organization which supports women who are running for public office.

Don’t want the game, or simply don’t want to pay more for a product simply because you are a woman? Another option is to send a donation directly to Emily’s List and help get more women in office. See our first Grab on Emily’s list here:

What’s the deal with the pink tax, anyway? According to the NYC Department of Human Affairs Gender Pricing Study, companies often increase prices for products marketed towards women, including toys and children’s clothing, feminine hygiene products, and senior home/health care products. Basically, they set us up to pay more from birth. This doesn’t make us see pink. It makes us see RED.