Tell Highlights Magazine You Dig Their Designs On Diversity

Your DGB for today is to contact Highlights to express support for their plan to include LGBTQIA families. In September, a lesbian couple who subscribed to Highlights for their one year old daughter contacted them regarding their lack of representation of Queer families. They pointed out that while many other diverse family types were represented, their own family was starkly missing. The magazine’s initial response was unsatisfactory and the public wasn’t having it. The publication reevaluated their message and have promised to be inclusive of all family types, starting with an illustration featuring two dads in the February issue. Let them know it’s important to you to “diversify your kids’ bookshelf”. If you don’t have children, maybe you’re like us and have fond memories of leafing through Highlights as a kid and want to tell them you’re glad they’ve evolved. They will surely face some backlash for this, so let’s build up the positive feedback.


You'll contact Highlights via Twitter, Facebook, email:, or by phone: (888) 372-6433, using your own or this DGB suggested message:


I’m contacting you to thank you for including a wide array of families in Highlights. Your publication’s reflection of the diverse lives of real children is greatly appreciated.