Peer Support

LGBTQ Suicide Prevention

Your DGB for today is to donate a dollar or two - whatever you can spare - to a suicide prevention card project so that can get cards with hotline info into the hands of LGBTQ folks all over the world.

The current crew in the White House is the most aggressively anti-LGBTQ administration we’ve ever seen. Suicide among LGBTQ youth is already tragically high and we could well see an uptick since the 2016 election.

We’d like to celebrate Pride month by doing everything we can to save lives. Stop-Homophobia has set its own aggressive goal of printing and distributing two million cards globally, each of which list major suicide hotlines for youth (and adults) at risk. A full list of suicide hotlines can be found here on their website. (Some people feel more comfortable using peer helplines as an alternative to organized suicide prevention hotlines. Look for ones in your area.)

If you would like a box of these cards to distribute at your event or through your organization, send your information to All of us together can help hurting people know there are other options than suicide.