People of Color in Journalism

30 of the Best Articles Written by People of Color you Probably Haven’t Read

Your DGB for today is spend some time going over this list and read at least three of the articles.

Stop playing with your new holiday gadgets for just a short while, grab a cup of coffee, kick up your feet, and read some amazing journalism. Challenge yourself to read them all before the year is over. You’ll feel so much better doing this instead of finishing that 2 lb. box of See’s candy that was meant for the entire family, but you hid in the closet. Trust us, we know; we’ve done it too.

The articles on this list have a wide range of topics, from women’s issues, to black journalism, to Syria. Some are funny, some are sad, and some will touch you at your very core, but all are important, and all will make you feel that uniquely human experience of connectivity and belonging.

Journalism is under attack and it’s more important now than ever that we support it, especially when that journalism comes from people of color. Women and people of color who work in journalism are far more likely to be targeted for online harassment than white men as this study from The Guardian shows. Online harassment can have a huge negative impact on their personal lives and can lead to them quitting for safety reasons, which lessens representation in journalism overall.

So, get rid of all of the bad vibes from 2016, burn some sage if necessary, and read these articles. Support journalists of color in any way that you can, and start 2017 with your eyes open and ready to Grab Back even harder. Rawr.