Police Violence

Million Hoodies Movement for Justice


Your DGB for today is to support Million Hoodies.

As wonderful as it has been to have our country listen to the students of the Parkland, Florida school shooting, Black and Brown kids just like them have been screaming about their communities being gunned down and we need to remember their voices.

Hoodies dates back to 2012, when Black teenager Trayvon Martin was murdered because he “looked suspicious.” It’s a social justice movement for youth of color, and we don’t want to infiltrate, dictate, or affect their mission with our lame adulthood or whiteness. We simply want you to donate, shop their store, and text “SUPPORTER” to 508 928 8555.


You can also contribute by rounding up your change from credit card transactions here: https://www.mychange.com/organizations/404-million-hoodies

Of course, if you are a young person of color, please get more directly involved and see if Million Hoodies has a good local fit for you.



Police Use Of Force Project

Your DGB for today is to disseminate the findings of the Police Use Of Force Project.

In particular, police departments with more restrictive use of force policies enjoy a lower rate of assault on officers, including fewer officers being killed in the line of duty. More statistics and analysis can be found on their website, but DGB thinks this particular one has broad and bipartisan appeal. Share with your social media circle, use it in debate, bring it up over dinner.



As it turns out, “blue lives matter” and ending police violence aren’t divergent goals. More policies to protect and preserve life benefit all lives and all communities.



Keep Your Eye on the Ball: Police Violence

Your DGB for today is to follow, share, retweet, and otherwise amplify the voices of organizations documenting and working to end police violence.

This month we learned that the numbers for citizens killed by the police are actually on the rise, but thanks to the scandal-machine in the Oval Office, nothing else can get any traction in the news, let alone the deaths of Americans at the hands of law enforcement. Are you one who needs to read all the horrific facts for yourself? Check out databases like this one or this one for the alarming truth. If we don’t want this issue to fall through the cracks, we’re going to have to take to social media to make sure it stays in the minds of our friends, neighbors, and the American electorate. So, please follow Killed By Police and Mapping Police Violence, as well as Black Lives Matter and Campaign Zero on social media and share their content as widely and as loudly as you can.

Just because traditional media is distracted, doesn’t mean we have to be.