Postcards to Voters

New Year’s Resolution: Get Out the Vote


Your DGB for today is to sign up with Postcards to Voters by texting “HELLO” to 484-275-2229.


Well, we made it through 2017. That was a… um… wow. That was nuts. Hopefully you’re not too hungover today, because we’re hitting the ground running with a renewed commitment to get out the vote. Postcards to Voters is a great resource. After texting, as mentioned above, “Abby the Address Robot” will ask you some questions and walk you through the steps to sending personalized messages to voters in key races. 

Postcards to Voters has already had an impact in places like Alabama, where it helped propel Doug Jones to victory and flipped a deep red senate seat a lovely shade of blue. We have a good feeling about 2018, so dust off your gel pens and rolls of stamps and get ready to make a BIG difference.