Press Corps

Boycott the Press Briefings

Your DGB for today is to tell your favorite news source to either boycott the White House press briefings, or record video despite the gag order.

The current White House has placed a block on video and live audio recordings of White House press briefings. Rumors have been flying about the reason why, some as ridiculous as Steve Bannon’s comment that Spicer “got fatter” and some more serious such as the beginning of the end of freedom of speech. Regardless of the reason, it is ridiculous and infringes on our rights as American citizens. It leaves one questioning, what exactly are they going to limit next?

So what can we do about it? We can call or email our favorite news source which has a representative in the press corps, and tell them to boycott the damn things. What exactly is the point of the press briefing if we are getting outright lied to, important questions are being avoided, or we can’t even see their faces telling us the lies? Honestly, there’s no point. So today we are asking you to call the White House Press Corps, CNN, WaPo, New York Times, MSNBC or your favorite White House press corps member and asking them to either boycott the press briefings, or break the rules and videotape them. This is our government and we have every right to know what is being said and done. After all, we do pay their salaries. So call, tweet, e-mail… whatever your preferred contact method is and DEMAND better. Tell them that enough is enough. Either we see the full press briefings, in all all their dishonest glory, or we make the news up all by ourselves. After all, we are pretty damn creative and can go a long way with the dossier stories.