Pride Flag

Hate Has No Home Here

Your DGB for today is to look into options for proclaiming your home or business a safe space.

Since the election, neighborhoods have come together to protest hatred and bigotry with different exterior displays. One popular way of demonstrating inclusiveness is the rainbow peace flag, which you can find on Amazon.

Another option is the Hate Has No Home Here sign.

We at DGB understand that the American flag theme and colors don’t necessarily represent all of us, and we recognize that the Hate Has No Home Here signs aren’t perfect. Recently, there has been some recognition that the traditional rainbow flag also leaves people of color underrepresented, which prompted a modified version to be released. You can find downloadable artwork on the More Color More Pride site, which means you can even create your very own extra gay, extra inclusive super yard sign.

On a personal note, those of us at DGB who are minorities find these neighborhood signs comforting. Better still, our children recognize them as signifying safe places and love spotting them on car rides.