Be as Smart as a Ninth Grader


Your DGB for today is to subscribe to Wake Up To Politics, the daily email newsletter from progressive policy prodigy, Gabe Fleisher.

Think back to high school...what were you doing in the mornings? Admit it, you were hitting the snooze button ten times. Or maybe you had an early sports practice. But you probably weren’t composing a highly detailed, timely, and well-written summary of the previous day’s politics. High school student Gabe Fleisher does, though.

He’s been writing a daily newsletter since he was… wait for it… EIGHT YEARS OLD. This kid is amazing. He’s a high school freshman and he has a blue check on Twitter.

So cut through the junk on facebook and twitter, and sign up for the Wake Up to Politics. It’s a great way to get good, solid news and support interest in progressive politics in young people.

Your new morning routine: Read your WUTP newsletter, do your Daily Grab Back, and smile knowing that you’re educated, active, and doing your part.