Grab Back for Self-Defense

Your DGB today is to train and prepare to defend yourself and others if the situation ever presents itself. The sad and scary truth is that with the ushering in of the President-Elect, a faction of people have been emboldened to carry out sexual or violent behavior against minorities and women. Today your DGB is to arm yourself with the tools, knowledge, and practice it takes to be prepared.

First, you need to research your best line of defense for your personal level of comfort. Most self-defense experts suggest that your best line of defense and protection is an item that is going to keep a great amount of distance between you and your attacker. Pepper spray is something that will keep space between you and the attacker and is relatively easy to use and can be used at a distance. All 50 states allow pepper spray, but check your local state law. to see if they have any restrictions. There are other options like key cats for close-contact defense. They were developed not only for you to defend yourself, but also for you to gather DNA from attackers. An added bonus is that the company is run by women. Rape whistles are another option to alert others of an attacker.


The following is a list of tips to keep you safe. Share them with your friends and family and be sure to Grab Back.

  1. Put your cell phone away! Walking around while looking at or talking on your cell phone makes you less aware of your surroundings and puts you at risk for an attack.

  2. Avoid wearing headphones. Similar to having your eyes on your cell phone, if your ears are focused on something besides your immediate surroundings, you are less aware of any potential dangers, and an attacker will consider you an easier target.

  3. Have your form of protection easily accessible at all times. For example, walk with your keys or pepper spray in your hands through a parking lot.

  4. Park in well-lit areas and always be aware of your surroundings.

  5. Take self-defense classes if possible. YWCA often offers free and local self-defense classes.

  6. Watch videos on self-defense techniques and how to use your “weapon” of choice. Make sure you are comfortable enough with it that it will feel like second nature if a time ever comes when you need to use it.


Here are a couple of easy self-defense moves to learn today and practice with friends - Youtube

Here is a great article and video on how to protect and defend yourself if you wear hijab - Washington Post

And here is a video on the right way to use pepper spray - Youtube

If the worst does or has happened, know that you are not alone and it is not your fault. Here is a resource for how you can get help or how to volunteer to help others: RAINN