Racial Justice

Stop School Pushout

Your DGB for today is to watch this short video on school pushout: and share this with your circle, especially the educators in your life. Download the toolkit here.

School pushout is a form of race and gender bias. Minority girls (and boys) are suspended at higher rates than their white peers for the same infractions and It starts early: black children make up 18 percent of preschoolers, but make up nearly half of all out-of-school suspensions.

If you don’t personally know anyone who works in a school and don’t have children who attend, you can find your neighborhood school here, and pass this resource to the administration via email or regular mail.

All kids in every community deserve equal opportunity for quality education unhindered by bias. Let's tell them we've done our homework and they can't chalk this up to poor behavior. It's time to Let Them Learn!