Rick Perry

#DGB #TBT Rick Perry


Your DGB for this Throwback Thursday is to revisit the awfulness that is Rick Perry.

Last Year, we opposed the nomination of Perry to the post of Energy Secretary. https://www.dailygrabback.com/todays-grab-1/2016/12/24/reject-rick-perrys-nomination?rq=Rick%20Perry

Today, he’s just as dim as we thought he’d be, with his “fossil fuel prevents rape” nonsense. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/white-house/rick-perry-says-fossil-fuels-can-prevent-sexual-assault-n816896

Plenty of Trump officials have resigned, so let’s keep up the agitating. Here’s the contact info for the U.S. Department of Energy: https://www.energy.gov/contact-us