Rohingya Crisis


Your DGB for today is to donate $5 to help Rohingya refugees.

Tragically, there there is no shortage of refugee crises these days. While the media is largely focused on the plight of Syrians, there is another group looking to escape repression and violence: the Rohingya people in Myanmar. They are a Muslim ethnic minority in a majority Buddhist country who have been subject to unspeakable atrocities at the hands of their own government. Villages have been reduced to smoking piles of rubble, the military seems to be using rape as a tool of oppression, and children are starving. Right now the bulk of the refugees have ended up in Bangladesh, which does not have the resources to properly care for one million tired and hungry newcomers.

The need is large and growing, but every dollar helps. Here are three good choices for where to send your donation:


Our own current government isn’t very friendly towards refugees, especially Muslim refugees. But we, the people, can show a better face to the world. Please give what you can.