Roni Dean Burren

Continued Help for Harvey


Your DGB for today is to give directly to Black women affected by Hurricane Harvey.

The scope of devastation of Hurricane Harvey is just starting to come to light and estimates put damage costs at around $190 million dollars; that’s more than Katrina. When disasters like this happen, women, especially minorities, are often overlooked or forgotten and don’t receive as much aid as others, if any.

This is where #SupportBlackWomenHOU enters. It was started by Roni Dean Burren, a local Houston educator, lecturer, and activist. Burren is looking to fill the gap in the lack of help that many women of color face during a crisis or natural disaster. Spend some time going over their list and donating directly where you can. You can find the list here: They also provide a link for Black women in Houston to apply for assistance through this program.

Thoughts and prayers are nice, but it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and help those who desperately need it.