Rotten Apples

Spoiling the Whole Bunch


Your DGB for today is to find the rotten apples.

As the #metoo movement continues to shine a light on the poor behavior of men in Hollywood, Washington D.C. and everywhere in between, it can become difficult to keep track of all the specifics. But if you are trying to cleanse your viewing habits of problematic jackassery, Rotten Apples is here for you. It’s a searchable database that allows you to input a television show or movie and then tells you whether the project has a person (cast-member, screenwriter, executive producer or director) who has a sexual misconduct allegation. It’s still growing but it’s also very easy to send the site a message if the show you enter has a known error. While writing this Grab, we discovered that The Price is Right search failed to bring up Bob “Dirty Old Man” Barker and his numerous harassment allegations. In 30 seconds the error was reported (takes only a link to an article) and the site promises to research and update.

Here’s a link to the site to Grab back and get to searching: