Roy Moore

Doug Jones vs Pedophile: Yes, This Is Real Life


Your DGB for today is to stop a pedophile from becoming a United States Senator.

The bummer about this race is that, while everyone is rightly up in arms about the extremely creepy weirdo running against him, Doug Jones’ merits have been mainly that he doesn’t victimize children. In reality, he’s qualified, progressive, and ambitious. We long for a boring political race based on the issues.

We’ve asked you to donate to Jones’ campaign before, but we need you to do so again. Also, spend this weekend loudly declaring your feelings on social media, especially if you live in Alabama. The December 12th race is critical to Democratic representation in the Senate, but also our very base integrity as a country.


Elect Doug Jones


Your DGB for today is to help Doug Jones get elected senator in Alabama.

From the state that gave us Racist Elf Sessions, Alabama now brings us a special election to fill the seat he left to head the Justice Department. Despite it being a sweet tea red state, Democrat Doug Jones actually has a chance to claim the seat December 12th. Maybe it’s because the Resistance is working. Maybe it’s because the GOP and Trump so badly screwed up in the republican primary there, somehow putting forth Roy Moore as their candidate, but recent polls has the candidates tied.  With a little more effort, this seat could flip.

Visit Jones’ website to donate or volunteer.