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Your DGB for today is to pick a democratic candidate running in a red state and help get them elected.

We understand this isn’t just a five minute Grab, more like an almost year-long commitment, but it is so worth it. If you already live in a blue state and your incumbent candidate is pretty secure, then we’re asking you to pick a candidate outside of your state to make calls for, donate to, or send postcards for that person, and help make America as blue as possible.


You can find candidates to help flip here:


And here:


If you happen to live in a red state and know of a democratic candidate that could use DGB’s help, let us know! We’d love to do a Grab on them, get out the word about why they should be elected, give them a boost in funding, and have some volunteers sign up for calling. Together we can take back the House and Senate and kick the Moldy Orange out of our Oval Office. You can contact us at

Spend the year Grabbing Back and endorsing worthy democratic candidates.


Run for Something

Your DGB for today is to support Run For Something.

Did you know that the current 115th Congress is the oldest in our country’s history? And that over half of the Senators up for reelection in 2018 are over the age of 65? There is nothing inherently wrong with these statistics and we here at the DGB denounce ageism in any form. However, political inertia being what it is, we have to question whether it may be time for some fresh blood to circulate. This is what the organization Run For Something seeks to do. They are looking to build a bench of progressive politicians, from the ground up. From their web site, their strategy is to promote and assist a diverse array of candidates that will emphasize an agenda of reducing inequality. You can get more information about this strategy here:

Are you one of those whippersnapper Millennials they are searching for? Check out their plan and promise to consider finding a local down-ballot seat to run for.

Have you aged out of the demographic but still believe there is hope to put out the dumpster fire/steer away from the iceberg/save the Republic and like what Run for Something stands for? Join here to stay informed about their candidates:  or donate here: