Cell 411

Your DGB for today is to download the Cell 411 personal safety app and familiarize yourself with it’s features.

The app that has been described as “Uber for 911” is meant to redistribute emergency response from exclusively authoritarian sources into a community centered effort. Instead of depending exclusively on municipal emergency resources, a user may instead request aid from peers and community members in their “Cell”. While this is particularly valuable to individuals vulnerable to law enforcement overreach and needing assistance from or the presence of trusted individuals, it is also something privileged groups can utilize to become and remain strong allies.


Platform features include the following:


  • Issuing an alert to your Cell with turn by turn directions to your location

  • Live video streaming

  • Video archiving that prevents deletion

  • A “Know Your Rights” constitutional reminder screen

  • A free community ride-sharing service


Learn more about Cell 411 here  and here, and download for iOS or Android