Sarah Lerner

Hellbent Podcast

Your DGB for today is to check out the Hellbent podcast. 

This podcast was created by Sarah Lerner, creator of @IfHillaryHad, featuring tweets from an alternate reality where Hillary is the 45th president of the United States, and Devon Handy, who are childhood friends. They break down politics with a conversational, feminist edge and a million “fuck”s. Note: they don’t give any passes to Bernie Bros.

These awesome women were kind enough to answer a few questions for us. Our conversation is below:


DGB:  You have action items for people to do after each episode. This is our entire business at DGB and it takes up all of our time. How in the hell is this just a footnote for you? Are you wonderwomen?



Hellbent:  We wish! In all seriousness, we don't think of our action items as a footnote, but we do try to make sure that we're encouraging folks to get & stay engaged in national, state, and local politics. This work is a marathon, not a sprint, so we hope that providing our listeners with a starting list of things to do helps push them to keep showing up and doing the work.



DGB:  We donated to support Hellbent and we retweet you way too much from our personal accounts. From 1-10, how creepy is our Resistance crush on you?



Hellbent:  Aww, your support and retweets mean a lot! Don't stop.



DGB:  What's your rage fatigue strategy? How do you stay engaged in your anger instead of sliding into depression over this whole mess of an administration?



Hellbent:  Honestly, doing the podcast has been a great avenue for us to channel our anger and frustration. It's a big release in a lot of ways. We've both found that staying on top of the news and being armed with information helps us stay motivated.



DGB:  In a related question, are you in talks to make IfHillaryHad a theme park or possibly a gated community we can move to?



Hellbent:  Ha! No, but if you find the portal into that world, please do let us know.



There you have it. Hellbent creators have confirmed what we at DGB believe: staying engaged may be tough, but it’s the best way to deal with our grief and anger. Keep going, Grabbers. It’s everything.