Secret Service

Midas With the Bad Touch


Your DGB for today is to call your representatives and tell them that you support Rep. Adam Schiff’s amendment that would stop the Secret Service from paying any business owned or operated by Trump.

Trump is no King Midas and all his weekend golfing and vacations at his own properties are eating up the funds Secret Service funds for protecting the President. More than 1,000 of their agents have hit their salary cap that is supposed to last the entire year. And because it is the United States’ responsibility to provide protection for the President and his family, many agents are going to have to keep doing their job without getting paid.

Rep. Adam Schiff of California, might have a solution. Since many of the trips benefit Trump, not only personally, but also financially, why don’t we cut off the funds he would get from the Secret Service having to pay for staying in his hotels, resorts, and even paying for the use of his golf carts? The SS has had to fork over 60,000 dollars alone just to rent golf carts at the President’s personal golf courses in order to keep up with his weekend addiction. Contact your Reps and tell them enough is enough. The President of the Unites States should not be padding his bank account, all while those who are sworn to protect him aren’t getting paid.