Sex Offenders


Your DGB for today is to watch a short two minute video and learn how to utilize the JDoe website.

JDoe is an anonymous sexual assault reporting website. It also offers things like community intelligence, facts about sexual assault, and resources for sexual assault victims. Watch this video about what JDoe does and why it’s so important.

A few of facts about sexual assault are that one in five women and children will be a victim of sexual assault. Although most victims feel like they are alone, they aren’t. 90% of sexual offenders are repeat offenders. (Our president even implied that he grabbed more than one woman.) You can report your own sexual assault on JDoe or one you witnessed, and it’s all anonymous, if you want it to be. Having resources like anonymous reporting and legal help in place makes victims 300% more likely to report a sexual assault. Check out their website, as well as their blog, to learn more: They will have an app coming out soon and you can sign up on their website to get a notification of when it’s released, thus making reporting sexual assaults even easier. Together we can combat sexual assault and reduce the likelihood of it happening to those we love.