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Work a Shift on the Phones for Florida

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Just in case you’re some kind of Hanging Chad that is brand new to American politics: Florida is a super important state when it comes to elections. Another hot take: disenfranchising felons is a favored tactic of the GOP to keep minorities from voting. Right now a felony conviction in Florida means you are pretty much barred from voting for life - even after you have completely paid your debt to society! But there is hope for the 1.4 million eligible save-for-this-ridiculous-law Floridians. A judge has recently declared the current felon voter restoration process to be arbitrary and so the issue will be on the 2018 ballot there in the Sunshine state. (Thanks to for this information, please read more about the matter at their site.)

The Southern Poverty Law Center is stepping in to support the ballot initiative by hosting a phone bank and they need volunteers. Anyone in the country with a cell phone or a computer can help. Your DGB for today is to go here to read about what you will do and follow the sign-up links:

Grab back and get some people their fundamental right to vote returned.


Cleanse the Country of the Confederate Plague

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Your DGB for today is to help the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) update their Whose Heritage? Confederate symbol tracker.

Do you have a throwback monument to our country’s traitorous past in your town? The SPLC is compiling a comprehensive list of every Confederate plaque, statue, and memorial that exists today. Unfortunately, due to the rebranding the South was gifted post-Reconstruction, many of these symbols exist in some pretty weird places. And by weird we mean, not the Southeastern United States. Whether you are in California or Wisconsin, please keep your eyes open for these archaic icons. Because we can’t get rid of them if we don’t even know they are there.

Grab our public spaces back from racist traitors.


SPLC December Review


Your DGB for this weekend is to read the Southern Poverty Law Center’s tracking of hate in the White House during last month.

SPLC has been doing the arduous work of compiling all the instances of extremism in Trump’s White House, any one of which would have been front-page news back before The Incident, as we now refer to the 2016 election. Now, most of these objectively alarming news items are buried among What He Tweeted, but each one is important. Yes, they’re hard to stomach, but you have the weekend to digest the poison in small doses. We have to stay vigilant in our assertion that none of this *waves arms frantically* is normal.