Stacey Abrams

We Love Stacey “I do not take political advice from Donald Trump” Abrams


Did you love listening to Abrams’ State of the Union rebuttal last night? Because if you could see our faces right now it would be a row of heart eye emojis. And If you agree, then this is going to be a very enjoyable Grab. She’s got more to say and is very adept at responding to bullshit. With another election cycle coming up next year, we would like this rising star to get more attention. Your DGB for today is to read this article Abrams wrote about identity politics and why they matter, answering some noise about the issue:

While you’re at it, she also has a TED talk (only 12 minutes and 39 seconds long):

Help keep this amazing woman in the news and onto another ballot in 2020!

Fair Fight Georgia


Stacey Abrams effectively ended the race for Georgia governor. She didn’t concede, because there wasn’t a legitimate race TO concede, but Brian Kemp will become Georgia’s next governor.

Your DGB for today is to help Stacey fight the good fight by supporting her new nonprofit

Because the voter suppression that happened in Georgia should NEVER happen again.

Georgia Provisional Ballot Voters


Your DGB for today is to help make sure all Georgia votes get counted.

Over a week after election day, a winner still hasn’t been declared in the race for Georgia governor. Of course, Brian Kemp has declared victory for himself. But like a warrior, Stacey Abrams never conceded and the counting and lawsuits continue, with Kemp’s lead continuing to dwindle.

Anyone who voted via provisional ballot can make sure to have their vote counted by taking their ballot receipt and identification to their county election office. Find county election offices by visiting this site:

Please share this information widely, even if you do not live in Georgia.

Stacey Abrams’ Campaign


Your DGB for today is to help Stacey Abrams win the race for governor of Georgia.

After making history by winning the democratic primary on Tuesday, Abrams will now face a general election in November. Can you freaking believe she’s the first Black woman to be a major party gubernatorial nominee in the United States? On top of that, Georgia has never had a Black nominee of any gender for the governor’s office.

Read our first Grab on Stacey here:

We won’t know who Abrams’ opponent will be until the July runoff between two white guys whose names we can’t remember. The reason we haven’t noted who they are is because it doesn’t matter. DGB has complete faith that Abrams can pulverize this glass ceiling. Give her a boost by donating to her campaign, volunteering, and amplifying her candidacy below.



We’re Team Stacey Abrams

Your DGB for today is to check out Stacey Abrams, fall as in love with her as we have, and support her in any way that you can.

Stacey Abrams is a serious breath of fresh air in stagnant white male political scene. She is running for Governor of Georgia and when (we can’t even think about if) she wins, she will not only be the first female Governor of Georgia, but she will be the first black female Governor of any state in the US. You can learn more about Stacey on her website, but we also suggest you listen to her guest appearance on Hellbent Podcast: Episode 46.

Once you have gotten to know Stacey, we want you to help her get elected. You can do that by getting the word out about her, donating to her campaign, or volunteering. You can sign up to volunteer for her here: They are looking for people to knock on doors, make phone calls, host a party, be a digital ambassador, or anything you could think of to help get the word out.

Support Stacey Abrams and encourage more women to run for office. Hell, if you can, run for office yourself! We have Donald Trump as President; anyone can win.