Student Aid Alliance

Saving Student Aid

Your DGB for today is to help save student aid.

Have you ever wondered why countries like Singapore have such good economies despite having virtually no natural resources at their disposal? Well the answer is simple: they consider the human brain a resource and invest in it accordingly. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Trump administration and Congress treated the brains of their constituents with as much respect and importance as they do a gallon of oil or a pound of coal?

We are sure that this is hardly the first time you’ve heard this, but college is really, really expensive. So expensive, in fact, that the poor and middle class are increasingly priced out and/or burdened with outrageous debt loads. If you have wondered about this phenomenon but need more information please take the time to view this short video that gives a quick and easy breakdown of the situation.

One of the vitally important ways that we can provide assistance to those that want to get higher education (keep in mind that these funds cover all kinds of secondary education, including trade school) is through Federal financial aid programs. According to the Student Aid Alliance these programs will suffer a heavy hit under Trump’s proposed budget. There is still time to make our voice heard and help stop this direct assault on the future. The Student Aid Alliance has set up a page where you can message your senator or representative (please do both if you can) and tell them why it is so important to preserve these programs. It can be found at this link:

They are also leading a Twitter campaign and we suggest you check it out and join in.