Tax Reform

Come On, Collins

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Your DGB for today is to contact Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) and encourage her to vote against the GOP Tax Scam.

For awhile there, it looked like Tax Reform was a gimmie for Trump, with plenty of amoral lawmakers willing to sacrifice the middle and lower class to the Corporate Gods of America. Then, Doug Jones was elected and some senators are now piecing together their spines and having second thoughts about being on this train. As of this Grab, Corker is threatening to vote against the hastily-prepared bill, and suddenly getting this signed into law before Christmas doesn’t look great for the GOP. Rubio was a no, but sold his soul for 300 dollars and seems to have lost the directions for putting his spine back together again.

But, we need insurance and Susan Collins has come through for us in the past. Despite believing a bunch of empty promises made to her for the people of Maine, DGB has faith that she will see the light. This weekend, you’ll let her know how important this is using this contact page, or Resistbot if you live in Maine.


Tax Reform


Your DGB for today is to bombard your Senators with messages to vote against the GOP’s tax reform bill.

We all have Horrible Senate Bill Fatigue, but we still need to get over this next hurdle. We killed like ten separate health care reform attempts and we can win this battle, too.

If you want to read all the terrifying details of the bill, do so here: It’s basically a reverse Robin Hood with a poorly-hidden health care repeal bonus. The nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation and Congressional Budget Office both agree the bill greatly harms poor Americans and inflates the deficit. Those with “economic anxiety” may want to take notice.

You’ll use Resistbot, a billboard, Owl Post, streaking, street art, email, or anything else you can think of to get your point across this weekend: stop trying to make the rich richer on the backs of the poor.