Cut, Cut, Cuts for the Wealthy: The Tax Bill


Your DGB for today is to contact your Members of Congress (are you best friends with the intern who answers the phone, yet?) and tell them you do NOT want Trump’s tax bill anywhere near your wallet.

Trump ran on a populist message. To the “forgotten men and women” he promised economic relief. The tax bill he and the GOP have cooked up is supposedly the delivery of that promise, but it doesn’t look like it to us. 

The bill proposes deep tax cuts to the wealthy and to corporations, with the idea that the money will - this sounds familiar - trickle down to the rest of us in the form of more and better-paying jobs. But all historical evidence tells us that these tax cuts will mostly result in more gold-plated toilets for the wealthy. In fact, the idea that POTUS himself would personally benefit from this bill is one of the most stomach-churning parts of this story. Another deeply concerning component of this proposed bill is that it appears the GOP has snuck in some language that would undermine Roe v. Wade.

You can use Countable, Resistbot, or your trusty phone to tell your elected representatives that the GOP’s tax bill might mean a windfall if your last name is “Trump,” but for the rest of us, there’s no art to this deal.


Trump’s Tax Scam


Your DGB for today is to sign up with and get ready to fight this next legislative agenda item.

The package that arrives wrapped in pretty “tax reform” paper is actually, surprise surprise, just ugly tax cuts for the wealthy. Trump, his family, and his friends stand to benefit. It’s almost as though we elected a sleazy business man to our country’s highest office. Read all about the corruption on the site, which is a subset of the Indivisible movement and has a multitude of toolkits, scripts, and even a state-by-state breakdown of impacts.

Don’t count on the ineptitude of Mitch McConnell this time around. Nothing motivates quite like money, making this an especially tough battle for the Resistance.


Your Tax Dollars

Your DGB for today is to continue to resist 45 by calling at least three members of Congress about the government shutdown Trump is planning in September, and the current tax plan. We also want you to take a quiz to find out if the plan will affect you.

45 continues to threaten to shut down our government and make large budget cuts to organizations that help the poor, all while padding the pockets of the ultra rich with his new tax plan. Although a budget plan was recently passed, Trump has said we need a “good” government shutdown in September. Confused by what a good government shutdown is? So are we, which is why we must continue to resist.

You can find your representatives here. Take this quiz to find out if the Trump Tax Plan will affect you.

If you are unsure of what to say, we have created a few sample scripts you can use:


“I do not support millions of my tax dollars going towards building a wall or used towards military spending. Instead, I want my tax dollars to support (INSERT THE NAME OF ANY PROGRAMS YOU SUPPORT).”


“I’d like to know what (NAME OF YOUR REP) is planning to do to prevent a government shutdown in September. I’d like to receive a phone call back at _____. Thank you for your time.”


The Fiscal Ship Game

Your DGB for today is to help steer The Fiscal Ship.

If you’ve been following politics in the United States for longer than 10 minutes you’ve probably heard the phrase “tax and spend liberal” and/or “socially liberal, fiscally conservative.” One implication is that progressives don’t care about The National Debt or just want to waste a bunch of other people’s money because we hate money or rich people. Or money AND rich people. Another is that it’s impossible to balance the budget and do things like strengthen the safety net or reduce inequality.

The Fiscal Ship game is a non-partisan and engaging way to get you thinking about the federal budget and the relationship between social programs and taxes.

Have fun and don’t sink the ship!