Cyntoia Brown


When Cyntoia Brown was just 16 years old, she shot and killed a man in Tennessee who had taken her to his house for sex. She was tried as an adult on charges of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Learn more about Cyntoia’s story by watching the documentary Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Story, searching the hashtag #FreeCyntoiaBrown, or reading this article.

Your DGB for today is to contact Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, who is reviewing this case, and ask him to help Cyntoia.


Bob Corker’s Senate Seat


Your DGB for this weekend is to help flip a Tennessee senate seat.

Republican senator Bob Corker announced his retirement back in September of 2017 and hasn’t reconsidered despite the very real possibility of the GOP losing the seat.

Tennessee, like many red state seats that once looked unwinnable for Democrats, is very much in play.


The race will see Marsha Blackburn (R-TN-7) compete with Phil Bredesen, former Governor.

Boost Bredesen via donation or simply amplify his message at one of the links below.