The News Literacy Project

News Literacy

Your DGB for today is to promote programs like The News Literacy Project and to brush up on your own fake news spotting skills.

Fake news has been a hot topic lately. Trump and his supporters tend to shout “FAKE NEWS” about any news story that doesn’t fit with their warped ideas of how the world works. Check any comments section on a story about Trump’s presidency and possible downfall and you’ll see numerous dismissals of the “fake news”. Here are some actual comments from Facebook on a CNN article about Trump attempting to compromise Comey:


This obsession about the alledged (sic) Trump's ties with Russia can only be explained as a paranoia.USA is obviously in a state of internal conflict and this will not be solved easy.The Russian card is a pure propaganda.”


“CNN and MSNBC have declared war on our duly elected President. Who else's thinks it's time to start using social and mainstream media to identify seditious activity and start filling up the FEMA camps?“


“Says who? Another fake unnamed source! CNN and their destroy America, destroy the first and second amendment, destroy our constitution, destroy the electoral college via their brainwashed cult followers!!”


These comments are why we HATE reading comments sections. There were hundreds more like this and that’s a huge problem. Many people just don’t know how to spot fake news anymore and when actual news breaks, they claim it’s fake because it doesn’t fit the narrative that has been fed to them by websites like Breitbart.

This is where The News Literacy Project comes in. NLP aims to teach middle and high school students how to spot fake news, be informed and engaged citizens, and encourages them to share and produce their own fair, accurate, and responsible news content. We encourage you to reach out to local schools and ask that they work NLP into their curriculum, either by offering an after school program or a classroom or virtual classroom program. You can also donate and support them on their website linked above. Fake news is an issue for both parties, and now more than ever it is important to learn how to spot it. We want you to check out’s article on how to spot fake news. It gives important tips like checking the source, reading beyond the headline, and checking the date.

We don’t want you to be embarrassed by accidentally sharing an Onion piece thinking it’s real news and we definitely don’t want you sharing a fake news story that is not only false, but can put people’s lives at risk like Pizzagate. Combat the assault on accurate journalism and learn how to spot fake news.