Tyler Tannahill

Really, A Gun Raffle?

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Your DGB for this weekend is to criticize Kansas congressional candidate Tyler Tannahill’s gun raffle.

In unsurprising news, GOP candidate Tyler Tannahill kicked off his campaign on February 13th with an AR-15 giveaway contest. The following day, the Parkland shooting took place, reigniting a national conversation about gun control. If you guessed Tannahill’s campaign pulled the contest in light of events, we regret to inform you of your misplaced faith in humanity. They are full speed ahead and see no issue with their actions.

Contact him through his Facebook campaign page, @TannahillTweets, or by phone or email. If you’re comfortable with it, also feel free to sign up to win the weapon. With any luck, we may be able to derail the entire giveaway with ineligible and uninterested entries clogging up the drawing process.