USDA Commenting


Your DGB for today is to tell the USDA to require ethical treatment of animals raised for consumption.

Because Trump feels threatened by every single thing Obama ever accomplished, he’s coming for chickens now (and livestock.) There’s some sort of joke in there about roosters and an inferiority complex - we’ll let you fill in the blanks.

The USDA is still open to public commenting on the withdrawal of regulations, which you can do here over the weekend, by clicking the “comment” button in the upper right corner.

Even Squealer and Napoleon are breaking with Trump’s USDA on this, releasing a statement that “all animals should be treated ethically, even if some are more equal than others.”


Sam Clovis is The Worst

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Your DGB for today is to oppose Trump’s nomination of Sam Clovis to head the USDA.

There’s unqualified, and then way past that line, there’s Sam Clovis.

Yep, he’s xenophobic to the extreme. He’s a birther, climate change denier, suggested Obama got into Ivy League schools because of his race, called Eric Holder “a racist Black,” and is a big fan of the marriage equality = pedophilia slippery slope argument. That’s all pretty terrible, but he’s also not a scientist. A 2008 law gives guidance for picking a USDA head from a pool of “distinguished scientists with specialized or significant experience in agricultural research, education and economics.”

Clovis is a former right wing talk show host, which makes him about as qualified to be the Department of Agriculture’s head scientist as your average toddler. Letting this dude head the USDA would be like letting a reality show star be president of the United States. Imagine how that would turn out.

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