Go Vegetarian Today to Help the Earth

Your DGB for today is give the earth a break and cut out the meat. Do it today, and make it a once a week habit, like meatless Monday. If you're the go-getter type, maybe take up vegetarianism as a lifestyle. Already vegetarian? Cool! Your task is to cut out eggs and dairy. Already vegan? Wow! Now go tell everyone you know. Kidding. We know you already did. (Joke courtesy of our Token Vegan)

But seriously, folks, the environmental impact of consuming animals and animal products is pretty significant (even beyond cow farts). Here are a few interesting facts from the USGS and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization:

·       One pound of beef uses at least 1840 gallons of water, or roughly 4 months of daily showers

·       Emissions from livestock account for 14.5% of all greenhouse gas discharge – more than cars and planes combined! Beef and cow milk are responsible for the most emissions.

·       A nutritionally sound diet that is 80% vegetarian uses about twice as much water as a purely vegetarian diet (about 350K gallons a year vs 175K gallons)

“But my life coach and diet guru read a study that said meat is great for the earth and vegetarians need to get off their free-range high horse!” Yeah, we read it too. And it's got some holes. Here’s a good summary.

So lay off the steak and dig into a plant-based meal tonight and savor the sweet, sweet, taste of conservation.