Voter Suppression

Fair Fight Georgia


Stacey Abrams effectively ended the race for Georgia governor. She didn’t concede, because there wasn’t a legitimate race TO concede, but Brian Kemp will become Georgia’s next governor.

Your DGB for today is to help Stacey fight the good fight by supporting her new nonprofit

Because the voter suppression that happened in Georgia should NEVER happen again.

Georgia Provisional Ballot Voters


Your DGB for today is to help make sure all Georgia votes get counted.

Over a week after election day, a winner still hasn’t been declared in the race for Georgia governor. Of course, Brian Kemp has declared victory for himself. But like a warrior, Stacey Abrams never conceded and the counting and lawsuits continue, with Kemp’s lead continuing to dwindle.

Anyone who voted via provisional ballot can make sure to have their vote counted by taking their ballot receipt and identification to their county election office. Find county election offices by visiting this site:

Please share this information widely, even if you do not live in Georgia.

Check It Out: Your Voter Registration


The clock is winding down, Grabbers. We are in the 4th quarter, the 9th inning, the third act, the final lap. The midterms are almost here and we want to avoid the use of provisional ballot tomfoolery as much as we can. Today is the LAST DAY to register in many states. Your DGB is to double check that you are registered. And if you are in a red state and/or one of those problematic states that likes to purge voters for no reason, we want you to check AND pester at least one friend to check as well. Georgia voters get a special task, check the link below to see if you are one of the unlucky (we say in a voice dripping with sarcasm) voters that got purged recently.

Georgia peaches click here:

Everyone else here’s a place that will help you check:

Grab your chance to make your ballot count.

Countdown to Midterm Elections: 28 Days

Need A Lyft To the Polls?


Your DGB for today is to make sure everyone can get to the polls this November.

Can you believe midterms are only 69 days away? This year, Lyft is helping to combat voter suppression by offering 50% off rides on election day to everyone, and free rides to underserved communities.

Download the app to get your coupon.


Get Your Required Voter ID Squared Away


Quick, without Googling, do you know what identification your state requires in order to vote? Many states have adopted new voter ID rules so it is vitally important to stay on top of this information in preparation for the upcoming midterm elections. The organization VoteRider has gathered up all the various regulations into one handy resource. They even created a wallet card you can carry around and reference while you are out and about encouraging your fellow liberals to vote in November (which you are totally doing, right?) Your DGB for today is to go to this site and do a quick check to see if you are ready. Just click on the plus sign next to the name of your state and get informed:

Once you are in your state’s window you can print out the nifty wallet card and even check to see if you are registered. Have a bit more time on your hands? There are resources here to help you run a voter ID clinic or help someone get the identification they need to vote:

The best and only way to stop Trump is to send a Blue Wave to Congress in November. The GOP has worked hard to keep people away from the polls by creating bureaucratic barriers. Let’s make sure they aren’t successful.